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#truthtalk- The New Perfect

Cuz on Tuesdays, I rant.......

Part of the reason I love following female athletes (think powerlifters, weightlifters and Crossfitters) is because they LOOK LIKE REAL WOMEN.

There is no effort made to be aesthetically perfect. While they usually have well defined abs, lots of curvy muscle and tend to be vascular, they don't look like they're made of plastic.

I find that relieving. Appealing. Relatable. And most of all, attainable.

I'm going to have a super straight-forward conversation with you now about what this society has done to women and the way it has affected our self-esteem. Yes, while at the end of the day how I view my body is strictly up to me and it's my responsibility to repel your bullshit opinions, there are some things you men can do to help us ladies along.

STOP. OGLING. OVER. PERFECTION. We see you doing it and we do not like it.
First of all, it doesn't exist, except for in the very young (Gawd.... gross. Why are you lusting after babies?) or the few genetically gifted people who happen to not have a predisposition to cellulite, aging skin, and post-baby leftovers. To watch you pin, follow, like, save and stare at women who have exactly zero flaws makes us think, "Hmmm. If that's what he likes to look at, there's no way he finds dis junk-covered booty and legs appealing."

I don't know of one woman this doesn't apply to. And I'm telling you, it is affecting your woman's ability to feel freaky and free with you. All she's worried about is whether or not you're wishing she was 17 again.

It's not fair. Not even a little... to be compared to a fantasy. And it makes me super sad that this society has decided a woman's value is measured by how young and fat free she might look or be.
I work really hard in the gym. I eat consistently well (albeit a lot). But I'ma tell you what: When it's go-time and I'm working with 75% or more of my one rep max strength, I'm gonna pull my shirt off, strap on a weight belt as tight as it will go, fold my tiny little workout "shorts" (they legit look like panties) down, and grunt my way through it with maximum effort.

The wrinkles on my stomach from growing four babies will be impossible to miss. The fat stores on my lower back (I lovingly refer to them as toddler boobs) will probably bounce up and down as I pull my body under a heavy jerk as fast as I can. My entire lower half, including but not limited to my ass and hamstrings, will not so discreetly jiggle, dimple, ripple and writhe as I squat my way through ten reps of hell.

I will not look or feel perfect.

And. I. Do. Not. Care.

I don't.


Sometimes, some of yous make that really hard. Little negative comments about some other woman's non-perfect body make grown ladies like me stop and say, "Oh. You don't think she looks perfect but I look like her."

The message is damaging and it will, over time, cause a disconnect. I (she/we) will find ourselves retreating away from people and things that make us forget that while our bodies are not perfect.....
they are sacred. Holy. Complete. A gift from God that allows us to feel powerful, alive, and MIGHTY AS HELL.

We MUST begin to make a shift in the way this world views women. That starts with us and it starts with YOU.

Go unfollow all those Insta fakes this minute. Feed your eyes on real, imperfect, gorgeous, strong women.... namely the sacred one you've chosen to share your life with.
Worship her in all her completeness. Celebrate her.