Bok Choy

Need some more green veg in your life? try this simple and flavorful side dish - Baby Bok Choy! Expand your pallete and try a new veggie this week! Just read how simple this beautiful dish is to make. Bursting with flavor, you can't go wrong with a few simple ingredients and a star veggie like Bok Choy!

Japanese Sweet Potato Rosemary Garlic Fries

Have you guys ever tried Japanese Sweet Potato Fries? If you haven't, you are missing OUT! They are incredibly tasty + they are full of potassium and Vitamin A. I have a true love for potatoes and these are at the top of my list.

Steel Cut Oats Bowl

January is coming to an end...and I ask, how was your health and nutrition, fitness and wellness in your first month of 2019?? For me, I've had mostly good days, but definitely some not so good days thrown in there too. And you know what? It really is okay. It is okay because I am a human being, and the only thing that matters is keeping a clear conscience on the daily of getting back on the path and cruising forward.

Paleo Squash Casserole

A veggie I always have in my home....the classic summer squash. Versatile, creamy, buttery when mixed with the good stuff, just yum. My mom used to have a "veggies" night and we would have okra, beans, tomatoes, veggie tray, greens, and squash casserole. One of my very favorite side dishes growing up

Creamy Cashew Alfredo Fusilli with Rosemary & Parsley Infused Oil

Happy What The Fork Wednesday! Today's recipe is a MUST MAKE. Like, run to Trader Joes to snag these ingredients becausssssse you need this creamy (almost) dairy free pasta sauce in your life. Yesterday.

Creamy Mushroom Quinoa Risotto

Quinoa is one of the BEST foods for you. Its been hype for a while now, for a good reason, and will always be a staple in my pantry. However, I really haven't experimented a lot with quinoa in other forms besides boiled in water and eaten as a side, in salads, tossed with eggs and scrambles, etc. I've never actually transformed the quinoa on its own....

Grilled Shishito Peppers

How do y'all feel about peppers?? Me....I love ALL kinds. Sweet, spicy, raw, pickled...bell, poblano, banana, etc..I think they are a great healthy snack pickled, and I love them in all aspects of the food I eat. These are one kind of pepper I've been wanting to try: shishito peppers. On the heat spectrum, these guys fall in between, more mild, and every now and then you'll catch a spicier one.

Healthy Waffles

Hey y'all! Happy What The Fork Wednesday! Any waffle fans in the house? What about Waffle House fans? Ha! If you raised your hand for either, your gonna love this healthy hacked recipe!!

Veggie Egg White Muffins w/ Basil

Iiiiits Wednesday! What the fork is up, friends? Today I'm sharing with you an easy, prep friendly breakfast.....Egg Muffins!

Peachy Oatmeal Cookies

It's been WAY too long since I've had some oatmeal cookies. I wanted to put a little spin on this particular batch, and had some juicy donut peaches from the market that I've been dying to experiment with...sooooo you can see where this is going.

Ahi Tuna Stuffed Avocados

Happy What The Fork Wednesdayyyyy! Yesterday was National Avocado day apparently. But if I'm being honest, I treat errrrrryday like National Avocado Day.

BLT Bunless Burger Salad

Hi friends! I'm here to share an easy dish to make for a quick lunch or dinner. There's really no "recipe", which is nice. It's a low carb alternative to your hamburger on a bun. A burger salad. Yes. Weird, I know. But it WORKS.

Paleo Brownies

They are phenomenal and will be on the rotating dessert list just like the coconut cups from last week. I really am digging the healthy dessert life. Have you hopped on the train yet? Huh, huh?? If not, these are great to start off with.

High Protein Creamy Buffalo Chicken Salad

Make this chicken. Use it in cold salads, wraps, add it to breakfast, or "meat snacks"! Low in fats and carbs, high in protein. Yes please.

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Happy What The Fork Wednesday! Two words. Stir fry. Okayyyyy.....Two more. Fried rice. *Suspense music* I give you...Cauliflower Fried Rice with Sesame Teriyaki Veggies!

Sweet Pot, Beet, & Kale Chips

Heeelloooooo! How is your 2018 healthy eating resolution going??? We are three weeks into the new year already & my hopes are high!

Banana Oat Cakes

Happy What The Fork Wednesday, y'all!
These are the very first "heathy pancakes" I ever made. Easy, versatile, & kids LOVE them.
3 ingredients and 10 minutes is all you need.

Lamb Quinoa & Feta Stuffed Peppers

Who doesn't love something stuffed?? Stuffed peppers are so easy and can be made many different ways! Yall, you can stuff peppers with literally anything in the fridge or pantry.

Vanilla Cinnamon Cashew Milk or Creamer

Happy What The Fork Wednesday!
I'm doing this thing where each week I choose one food item and experiment. This week, cashews were the culprit!

Broccoli Rice

One of my goals this year is to eliminate food waste...and I'm getting real about it. So real that I am keeping fat brocolli stems and turning them into "rice" for stir fries, burrito bowls, or if I need something for my meat to sit on top of.

Leftovers in a Baked Potato

You know when you have just little random bits of food left over that you don't know what to do with?? Anyone? If so, this post is for you. I think I might have come to a conclusion. To just stuff everything in a potato. Think of the possibilities. Ha! But really....

Ground Pork And Napa Cabbage Stir Fry

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to the new year! The recipe I'm sharing today is perfect for quick weeknight dinners and prepping in large batches for your weekly meal prep. Stir frys are the perfect way to use up ingredients in the fridge too!

Coconut Curry Rice

Today's recipe is one you'll wanna make alllll winter. Coconut Curry Jasmine Rice. If you like curry flavored food, you're gonna love this! I made it as a side to some orange chicken and it was deeeelicious. Any meat would be great on top. Or piled high with veggies. Either way, it's a great side dish to prep and have on hand during the week and SO easy to make!

Goals For the New Year

The new year is riiiiight around the corner y’all!
How many of you have been thinking about what you want to change regarding physical health choices entering 2019? Any resolutions that you promised yourself this past year that you didn’t keep up with? Or that you have been wanting to make room for, but just haven’t quite taken the plunge? I know I have a few…

Leafy Greens

On a scale of 1-5 how good are you at getting greens in every day? Yeah, evvvvery day? I'm like, a 3 average. BUT, I wanna change that to like a 7. What say you?Greens are SO important to the human body! High in fiber, vitamins, phytonutrients, greens are incredible for your heath in more ways than you would even suspect. 

Immunity Shot

This week's recipe is short and sweet....well, I should say short and zingy! This is one of my very favorite combos of magic ingredients for the body. Mainly your gut!


Remember when I said I'd never buy store bought mayo again, after making my own? Or store bought almond/cashew milk? Well......I am adding hummus to that list. Oh. My. Worrrrrrd.

Slow Cooker Fiesta Shredded Chicken 

It's never too early to pull out the crock pot. Or maybe I'm just wishing for fall to be here, like now, either way -- slow cookers are great to use year round! I often forget about mine....its big 'n clunky...heavy...and there's no room in my tiny kitchen...but ya know what? I've never had more tender chicken breast or thigh when slow cooked. And what's more exciting than the thought of not having to cut up raw chicken breasts??? Yeah. I thought so. Needless to say, it's worth diggin' out the crock for. 

Taco Bowl

A meal that never ever gets old to me, taco bowls! I'm the kinda gal who can enjoy the same foods/meals over and over...& this is one of those meals. Easy to prep, I'm gonna give you hot pointers on how to make your weekly breakfasts, lunches, or dinners easier.

Fruit/Vege Salad

What The Fork is up, peeps? If you haven't made some type of salad with fruit this summer...you're missing out! This is the best time of year to grab alllll the juicy, sweet, and fresh fruit you can. Another plus, since we are in season -- all the sales and savings!

Mushroom Black Bean Pasta

Today I'm sharing with you a recpie based around one of my favorite foods, mushrooms! I used your good ol' portobellos in this dish, but you could use any mushroom. There are SO many different kinds of shrooms.

Coconut Butter Cups

An almond joy inspired butter cup. My favorite candy bar. :) This one with a little spin, some Ceylon cinnamon and chia seed chocolate bottom layer. 

Macro Friendly Quesadillas

Hey, y'all! It's What The Fork Wednesday and I've got to brag on one of my favorite tortilla brands. FlatOut! I have been using these for a few years now and can't seem to let them go. The macros are killer.

Chocolate Protein Zuchinni Blueberry Smoothie!

Zuchinni, zuchinni, oh the magical zuchinni! I love this versatile veggie raw, steamed, as zoodles, casserole, in stirfrys, roasted, fried or baked as "chips", used in desserts, seriously everything. And now...in ya smoothies!

W30 & Paleo Compliant Mayo

What The Fork Wednesday is hereeee!
This week with a delicious homemade mayo recipe, made from just a few ingredients, and all you need is a blender or food processor.  

Tahini Coconut Superfood Balls

What The Fork Wednesday!
Friends, WHY did I wait so long to try tahini??? How has no one told me about this delicious stuff??

Chipotle Chicken & Spinach Sweet Potato Skins

Today's recipe is one of my main staples for meal prep. These Chipotle Chicken & Spinach Sweet Potato Skins are one of the simplest, healthiest, AND tastiest meals I make for the week. I never ever ever get tired of them!