All the Feels




Forever reminders of a pain that, while perhaps faded, still lingers in the crevices of our souls.

It ebbs and flows, and for some, becomes so intolerable it can lead to utter despair and irreversible decisions.

One of my favorite things I hear in the rooms of AA is,
"But for the grace of God there go I."

And as we buried a dear friend last week, I couldn't help but remember what it felt like when I myself had no hope. Life circumstances (much because of my own bad choices) landed me in the eye of a storm I saw no way out of. And I just refuse to believe that many if not most of us can relate.

I think it's easy to judge a person's actions. Or tell them to just get their shit together. But sometimes, for some, it's just too much. And in the words of one of my favorite people, when talking about loving others through their brokenness.......

"Easy, easy."

When he says it, he kind of drags the words out. Drops his voice a little to a softer tone. He presses his hands down gently, as if to say, "Be gentle with those who are struggling."

I get that. And I like it.

Enough with the woulda coulda shouldas we try and impose on others. We don't know a gat damn thing about what it's like to walk in their shoes.

My friend who's gone now wrote that on our badass board just a few weeks ago, and it stands a place holder for him.... a badass who found freedom the only way he knew how.
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