All the Feels


Not Just A Workout

I know some of you (us) didn't PR today.... hell I didn't even come close. And to tell you the truth, once I managed "this season's" PR, I decided it was okay.

Here's why: The purpose of today's HAF lift was to get your CNS awake in preparation for the rest of the week. We're gonna do some body building and since you picked up your day's max effort, it means your hormones are good to go whether you hit a lifetime PR or not. And that is why this is ALL part of the grind and every day is a win, whether you get a new number or not.

I showed up. I tried my very TG best. And that's all I can ask of myself.

Now, about the time recording/reporting on finishers that are "for time".

I want you to start trying to beat your OWN self. No holding back, no, "I don't have to go quite that fast because so and so didn't...." but all up in it, finding your own stride with the pain. I mean, I suppose you could just pace with whoever happens to be in class with you, but moving forward, you won't know who did what earlier in the day. And I think that's really important.

We walk around in this life living up to the standards of those around us, when in reality we might have a whole hell of a lot more inside of us that we go years ignoring because, I mean nobody else set the bar high so why should I bother?

That Marianne Williamson quote used by Nelson Mandela has waved through my mind so much lately.

"Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Do you know that about yourself? Like, really KNOW? Does your power scare you or have you dared to begin dipping your toe in all that greatness? It's not just a gym thing, but for me, that's where it started. And, in fact, it happened to me again this morning.

You guys, that 75 lb bar was so fucking heavy. It was actually a bit over my 50% and in round one it scared the SHIT out of me. At the end of round two I decided to go down to 70 lbs.... but I figured I could do one more round at that weight.

But something happened in round four. As I walked over to the bar, I decided I had more power in me than I was using and I dug deep for it.

And I killed those last two rounds.

The more I practice doing that in the mc, the more I develop the same confidence in my own power in all other areas of my life. And the thing is, powerful people are the ones who change the world.

We have homeless people seven miles down the road. Little kids who go home to no dinner every night. Little kids who don't have a home. And I can tell you right now, I couldn't find the will to care enough to begin to fix it until I found the will to care enough to leave 75 lbs on my bar.

I've always had the power. But it's taken a hell of a lot of pain to unleash it. I know now what I'm capable of and it means the people I meet and connect with will have my love and protection. They'll have that because I know that's my power: Love. And no amount of fear or hate can beat me.
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