All the Feels


Magic Monday

The beautiful thing about Mondays made of magic is that I don't dread them anymore. A lot of us don't.

Mondays mean loud music. A clanging barbell. A pounding heart that leads to happy hormones. And best of all, it means each other.

There is something both healing and significant about training alongside people who love what we do the way I do. As I grunt and yell my way through a painful set, my friends to the right and to the left of me know.

They GET it.... that pain I'm feeling. They felt it, too.
And survived.

And as I gut my way through reps eight, nine and ten and the pain really starts to set in, they know there's nothing they can do to relieve my misery, except to nudge me through it with repeated reminders that I can do it.

And I believe them, because they did.

The pain is mine to bear alone, but as we bask in the afterglow of pride over once again conquering what felt like the impossible, I'm reminded that we're all in this together....

And I really never was alone to begin with.