Then and Now


Karen’s Then and Now

In three weeks I will celebrate my 3rd tribeaversary!

I remember the first time I ever walked into the tiny little space that was Tribe back then. It took all my braves just to walk through the door! Such self doubt in those days! However, I was suffering badly from bootcamp burnout, and I desperately needed something new, sooo...in I went.

Best. Decision. Ever.

That workout took anything I ever knew about fitness to a whole other level! And just when I thought it was almost over, Tiffany came right along and set me up with a barbell and taught me how to do my very first ever deadlift. And let me just tell ya, it was all over. I was absolutely hooked! I mean, for real hooked.

In the short amount of time since then, I've competed in three powerlifting meets and I currently hold seven Oklahoma state powerlifting records. I also qualified for the 2017 Nationals in the USAPL federation just this past Fall, at a meet where I back squatted 230 lbs, benched 152 lbs and Dead Lifted 358lbs. None of theses things did I dream possible or even imagine myself ever doing! All I needed was the right motivation, right mind set and the most amazing trainers on the whole planet to get me there.

I will soon turn 55 years old, I have a husband, three daughters, two busy busy grandsons and a full time job (phew!) and I can say unequivocally that I am in the best shape of my life.  Luckily, I take not one single medication to regulate my blood pressure, blood sugar, heart, kidneys or any other organ I happen to currently own, and I'm pretty sure that's not a coincidence. Before I learned to lift all the things, and do fun things like sled pushes and wall balls, I struggled to just get through my day. I was big and cumbersome and never felt comfortable in my own skin. I was always exhausted and had zero get up and go. I just didn't wanna DO anything. And now, physically, I move better and feel better than I ever have before, and I'm also really STRONG!But even more important than all that, working out at Tribe changes people on a SOUL level.  It sure changed me! You see, as a side effect of getting strong physically, you get strong mentally, and then that compounds itself, and you grow psychologically and I'd say even emotionally. It's science really, but we refer to it as getting a shiny soul. We become nicer people, better partners, better parents (or Grands), better employees, better friends, better neighbors...the list never ends. We learn to see things in a positive light. We become more open and accepting. And I will tell you first hand, that's a solid truth. And it's probably my most favorite thing about Tribe.

(Well, that and all my Tribe friends)

My biggest, greatest hope is that by sharing my Tribe journey I can show people that you're really never too old to start. Or stay. You don't have to be a certain body type, or weigh a certain weight, or have a certain BMI, or even be at a certain fitness level. You just have to start. Go. Find your passion. Look for a place where the people love unconditionally, no matter your size or age. Be accountable. Be committed.  Be consistent. Find your Tribe and love them hard.

I guarantee you it will be YOUR Best. Decision. Ever.