High Protein Creamy Buffalo Chicken Salad

Happy What The Fork Wednesday!

This past week I stumbled upon a bottle of Frank's Red Hot "Buffalo" style hot sauce in the back of my pantry I'd bought probably two months ago, and never opened it. Well....I then remembered, A. why I bought it two months ago, because B. this dish was my #1 staple in college. "Frank's Baked Chicken". I would literally put a few chicken breasts in the oven, smother them with Frank's sauce and a little s&p, bake and have some juicy chicken ready in under 30 minutes. Then I'd top it with a biiiiiig couple scoops of Greek yogurt, a dash more Frank's on top, side of green beans or broccoli. It never, ever got old.

Fast forward, I'm back to making this chicken on the reg. Y'all, it's SO easy. Super affordable. And a great alternative to buffalo wings/chicken. You could make these with chicken breasts, thighs (the best flavor), wings, or legs. And Keto peeps, use sour cream instead of Greek yogurt. I mean shoot, might as well add some cheese while you're at it.

Make this chicken. Use it in cold salads, wraps, add it to breakfast, or "meat snacks"! Low in fats and carbs, high in protein. Yes please.

• 1 lb chicken breast, thinly sliced
• 1/2-1 cup of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo sauce (depending on spicy preference. Obvi I use the full cup)
• 1-2 cups Chobani plain non fat Greek yogurt• a smidge of oil for cooking the chicken if desired. I used avocado oil. You could go fat free and use non stick spray or water.
• your favorite salad lettuce/toppers (I used cold crispy romaine, thinly sliced red onion, cherry tomatoes, and cilantro. Highly reccomend these. Especially the cilantro. It goes so well with the buffalo flavor and makes a big difference)
• as far as dressing goes, the Greek yogurt is so creamy you really don't even need one. I gave my salad a big squeeze of fresh lime and was good to go

1. Pan fry your chicken breasts in a HOT pan with a few dashed of Frank's. I used 1 tsp of avocado oil too. Sprinkle with salt and pepper while they are raw in the pan.
2. Cook until meat of choice is juuust done.
3. LET THE MEAT REST FOR 10 MINUTES. That is in all caps because it is CRUCIAL). Really, this is a huge tip for cooking all meats. Always let the meat rest before slicing in so that alllll the juices and flavors finish doing their magic inside of the meat and don't seep out. 
4. After 10 minutes, slice your meat into chunks. 
5. Place diced meat back into the hot pan, and add your Frank's. Toss around for a few minutes. 
6. Turn the heat off, transfer to a big bowl and toss in Chobani Greek yogurt until desired creaminess. You can always dilute the spicy if you add too much Frank's! 
7. Assemble a delicious salad, wrap, or eat it all by itself!

Enjoy! :)