What if I don't know much
about weight training? 

Then you're our favorite kind of client. We love teaching people how to love the art, the science, and the soul stirring that occurs due to weight training. There's no bad form to correct. Getting to start from scratch is optimal.

Do I just show up?

It's best if you can download the paperwork from our website and bring it along with you. Other than that, yes. Just come on! 

What should I bring to class?

A towel for your sweat and some water.

What if I’m out of shape?

You will fit right in. Almost every person that started at Alchemy felt the same way you do. But it's our job to help you GET STARTED right alongside the badasses. You use a dumbbell. He uses a barbell. And in a month or two, when you feel ready, you'll hand off your smaller weights to the newbie as you remember how you felt on your first day. We know it's scary. But we also know how to guide you past your fears.