Tiffany Whisman

Owner. Founder. Fearless. Aggressive. Says yes to most things so long as they will grow her soul. A lover but also a fighter for the lost, the lonely and the broken. She will push you past your tipping point, make your fears spill onto the floor below you, and watch you soar as you realize what you're really capable of. She's a praise-giver and a straight shooter and not afraid to ask for what she wants. She is often called, "loud", and to that she says, "Thank you." 

Boston Hibshman

Fire and ice. She is cool and calculated as she rages on a barbell, leaving nothing but ashes in her wake. She is tough, both with herself and the athletes she coaches, but sees each as an individual with unique needs and talents.  She excels in understanding human movement, which makes her an excellent troubleshooter and premier weightlifter.

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