Cauliflower Fried Rice

Happy What The Fork Wednesday!!!
Two words. Stir fry.
Okayyyyy.....Two more. Fried rice.
*Suspense music*
I give you...
Cauliflower Fried Rice with Sesame Teriyaki Veggies!

**starts dancing to Migos "Stir Fry" song**

Y'all know I had it blasting while whippin' this up in my kitchen!

This meal is one of my very faves for several reasons.
1. Veggie loaded. I think we could all use a little more veg in our life, yeah?
2. A healthy alternative to the fried rice we all love at restaurants. This time with no guilt. AND it tastes just as good. If not better.
3. Creativity in the kitchen -- no limits! You can literally put anything you want in your stirf.
4. Prevents food waste. Stirfs are the best way (to me) to get as much use out of the leftover produce that hasn't been touched during the week aka probably about to go bad. Throw that shit in the pan! 5. Y'all, it's so quick and easy.
Here we go.

Ingredients: (this is no set recipe for the veggies - just what I had leftover in my fridge from the weekend!!)
- 200g cauliflower rice 
- 4 big portobello mushrooms, cut into fourths
- 1/2 cup steamed green beans- 1 summer squash
- 1 baby bok Choy- shredded daikon and shredded carrots (I buy at the Asian supermarket cuzzzzz no time to shred that)
- 2 whole eggs

The below ingredients you MUST have:
- 1 heaping TBSP fresh minced or pressed garlic
- 1 heaping TBSP fresh minced ginger 
- 1-2 TBSP coconut oil - Organicville Sesame Teriyaki Sauce (gluten free, made with agave. This is THE ticket to this stirfry).

1. Cut up all of your veg in bite size pieces, as similar as you can get them so they will cook evenly.
2. Heat up the coconut oil in a large pan or wok on low/medium heat.
3. Once hot, add your aromas. Ginger, garlic, green onions. Sautée for about 30 seconds -- DONT burn the garlic! Add a touch more coconut oil if needed.
4. Throw in the cauli rice. Sautée until almost tender. Thennnnn push it aside to one half of the pan. Scooch the pan over on your burner to fry the eggs (so the rice is almost off of the fire).
5. Instead of using more oil, I LOVE this spray from TJ. Save some cals. Spray onto the HOT pan (I turn it up here to Med/High) and crack your eggs. When the edges are crispy like you like, spray the coconut oil on top of the eggs FIRST, THEN flip them. This will prevent them sticking!! Big hack. 6. Let them cook for a few more seconds, then mix in the cauli rice. Set aside in a bowl.
7. Veggie time. Either drop another tsp of oil, or even water, or coco spray into the pan. Add in your thickest veg first, then a few minutes later the softer veggies. Right before they are your tenderness of choice, pour in the lovely Sesame Teriyaki sauce. Stir around for a few minutes and you're done.