Then and Now


Becca’s Then and Now

I started working out at Tribe a couple of times a week in March 2016. I have always been active, running half marathons and lifting free weight for millions of reps, but I didn't have any muscle definition. Also, I was bored.  My friend Lindsay invited my to come workout with her at Tribe and I was intimidated. I constantly compare myself to others and those Tribe peeps looked amazing. I followed Tribe's page and I read a post from Tiffany where she talked about comparison, she said "I don't have abs like so-and-so, I have abs like Tiffany." That really resonated with me and I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and try it out. Immediately I fell in love, in love with the workout, the heaviness of the barbell, and the amazing, supportive people. Changes in the mirror happened very soon but I also noticed a change in my mood. A chronically anxious person who gets frustrated easily, I noticed I was calmer and more patient, with others and also, with myself. I learned I can do hard things. I have never felt more confident and for the first time in my life I am happy with myself. I have abs and arms and legs and a booty like Becca and for that I am so proud.