All the Feels


Be Someone’s Glass

I wanted to tell you about my friend. He died. And I really barely knew him but then again, he touched my soul, so the loss has left me heartbroken.


I just wish we could learn to hear each other more. Trust each other's pain and vulnerability about how it feels to be treated as anything less than a child of God.... equal in every way down to our bone marrow.

Growth Equals Pain

There is no getting around it, and the older I get it, the further away I get from things that used to numb that pain.... well.....


Incredible things happen when we show up and muddle through hard stuff. When we do the tedious, seemingly  meaningless things that most gloss over because they aren't glamorous or they're too tired. One thousand small actions culminate in a final pull that I could have never even dreamed of had I not just shown up and done the grunt work.


Scene: 1986.
Ya girl workin' that skating rink with a fresh spiral perm and enough hairspray on her bangs to withstand the strongest of Oklahoma winds. And that was probably the last time I set these feet ta rollin' until last night.

Not Just A Workout

I know some of you (us) didn't PR today.... hell I didn't even come close. And to tell you the truth, once I managed "this season's" PR, I decided it was okay.

Little But Big. But Little.

There was a little-ish boy in our gym yesterday... he was probably nine or 10 years old. He came with his dad to our recess class, which tends to be packed out with both men and women.... many of who just so happen to be plain ol' grown-ups turned bad asses.

Unfiltered Me

For the last several months, my brain has been swirling like springtime tornado, fed by the winds of a soul blowing in the direction of complete overhaul. Hell, my entire life for the past year has been just that..... storms and debris with just enough sunny days to keep me from going underground for good.


Forever reminders of a pain that, while perhaps faded, still lingers in the crevices of our souls.It ebbs and flows, and for some, becomes so intolerable it can lead to utter despair and irreversible decisions.


Below is what we talked about this morning as we are in the middle of a weighted shred cycle with a white board full of a lot of suffering. The results are painful, and then beautiful.

Black Rock

Alright all you "yes" sayers..... the following is all about what you've raised your hands and hearts for regarding all things Black Rock related. ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎

Magic Monday

The beautiful thing about Monday’s full of magic is that I don’t dread them anymore. A lot of us don’t.

#truthtalk- The New Perfect

I'm going to have a super straight-forward conversation with you now about what this society has done to women and the way it has affected our self-esteem.


I call myself an athlete.And a recovering alcoholic. And I say I know how to love. Those are titles and declarations, and with them come heavy responsibilities.