On Being Happy

Oh hi.

I had the weirdest thing happen when i got to the lake.

I liked it. And then I loved it. And then my brain switched off out of work mode for the first time in over a year.

I'm not kidding. I'm never not working. And it's not okay. I mean, maybe it is, because I love it so much and I feel weird when I'm not programming a workout or researching something or writing something or answering texts.

So, back to the lake. Here are the things I did.
1. Watched bacon fry in the pan.
2. Washed dishes and stared out the window at God.
3. Stripped six beds. Put clean sheets on. 
4. Hung out with my now grown daughter and fell more in love with her. 
5. Laughed with my littles. I looked at them too, ya know? Nothing on my mind but their sun-kissed faces and bright, happy eyes.
6. Got in snake-infested water to see if I could wake-board (turns out I can) even tho I didn't want to. And now, I want to.
7. Looked for rocks. 
8. Sat on the dock. No phone. No computer. Just coffee. 
9. Played with Clancy. Hell, I just played in general.
10. Listened to music that made me cry.

No work on that list. I didn't even want to. But guess what? As soon as we pulled in the driveway, I sure wanted to again.

Heavy, happy sigh. Thank you John for dragging your workaholic wife away from everything and everyone, even if if was for only one and one half days. I remember now how to be something other than Coach, even if it's only sometimes.

Now, back to biznass.

Tomorrow: We are gonna PR...... wait for it... wait for it.....

Dead lifts!!!!!

A few of you might have just groaned, but most of you are prolly jumpin' up and down with glee right now. I'm so super excited and super nervous. We will NOT be doing a whole deadlift day tho, but instead a back and biceps day. I intend to put them on the list again for Thursday, along with squat cleans. So don't eff your shiz up tomorrow. Kay? Kay.

I might be the only one on this page that's happy it's almost Monday....

Cuz I miss you that bad.