Do You Trust Me?

One more post: (I think it's fine seeing as how I didn't make any work-related posts yesterday.... am I right??)

I hope by now you trust me with your bodies. (Minds out of the gutter people.)

This is a whole method. It's a PROGRAM, not just a bunch of workouts I throw up on the board. I put a lot of thought about how to cycle your body parts, rep ranges, etc.

You see some power-lifting, but not enough to make your body look like a power-lifter.

You see some body-building, but not enough for you to look like a body-builder.

You see some athletics, but not enough to make you look like a CrossFitter.

If you're not consistent with showing up, you're probably going to be disappointed with what happens, which will be lukewarm results. When I look around that room, the bodies I really see changing are the ones who do ALL THE SHIT ON THE BOARD.

They lift heavy.
They lift for hypertrophy.
They do the heart-rate stuff.
They do the stuff they think looks or feels dumb.

The result, over time, is the body of a fitness MUT. And in my opinion, it is the hottest of the physiques.

You don't look like you could get on a stage and do a show, which is a good thing, because those bodies don't look like they could do jack shit when it comes to performance and that's a huge turn off to me.

But you also don't look watery, which is equally unattractive to me.

You love to lift heavy weight but hate the cardio part so you skip those days? Fine. You'll put muscle on but you'll also look kinda fat. If that's okay with you, it's okay with me.

You love the heart rate stuff but hate the lifting because you're afraid you'll "look bulky"? (eye roll). Fine. You'll get hella skinny and look saggy. If that's okay with you it's okay with me.

Just hand over the reins already. Quit worrying about what's on the board and show your ass up. That's why you pay me.


Lemme make you hot. Kay thanks.